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We hired Shawn Peck of Peck Holdings LLC & Nationwide Equities, to help modify our mortgage. In November 07, I paid him $750 which was required up front. He almost immediately said he had reached a agreement with my mortgage company and promised the settlement papers would arrive for us to sign.

I called and emailed him constantly. Each time there was some excuse or he would claim to have spoken to them and it would be a couple of days. He even told me it would be ok not to pay the mortgage and that it would all be added into the new loan. I finally got tired and called my mortgage company. They had never heard of him. While they had some papers they could not proceed without my filing something. Shawn Peck insisted that he had indeed been speaking with them.

By this point I had not paid the mortgage and am in trouble. The next thing I knew Shawn Peck had taken $550 from my bank account. I called him and told him it was fraud. He mentioned the agreement I signed which only states that I owe more money at the end of his service. What it actually says is that I would owe another $500 and then an additional $500,when everything was done The remedy per the contract if I didn't pay, was to put a lien on my property. He claims that he was allowed to draft my account which he was not. I filed all the necessary papers at the bank and filed a police report. Now I find he has taken another $1000!!! My bank says it takes 90 days to give me the money back. This person is a thief!


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;ust another dirty jew stealing peoples money. Typical jew

Kensington, Queensland, Australia #244657

I was one of the investors that lost a considerable sum with Sean, Somehow he never lost HIS money.His problem is he will step over anyone to get what he wants.

He cares only about himself and nobody else. He's a smart guy, but his ways of handleing business is going to catch up with him. He would send these thugs from camden to go out to get "deals" done. They would threaten people to get deeds to houses.

These people may have money but.They are morally bankrupt.

to Ron Restano Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1352271

Nationwide called my mom.And set up an appointment.

The notary came over and had them sign all these papers. Then the appraisal was set up and the appraiser didn't show up or called until 2 days later then Todd set up another appointment, the appraiser came and we still haven't received appraisal. Todd gave me every excuse under the sun. After reading the reviews.

I told Todd to stop processing the application.These people are deceiving seniors my mom is 77 something should be done.

to Yvette Stevens #1354108

How does this make it a scam?

Kensington, Queensland, Australia #244602

I was unable to get an Fha loan.They got me approved without any issues.

I had no problems dealing with them. I probably would not have done business with them If I saw this at the time. My only complaint is they transfered me to another company almost imediately and I was assured I would be making payments to them.

But other then that they were on top of things.They were quick to settlement too.

to Christian Davey Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1352537

You must work for them

to Anonymous #1354106

From Austrailia?


Nationwide equities is run like the mafia.This is a shady company.

Stay far away from them.

These people are white collar thugs.Stay far away from this company


The entire Nationwide Equities company is shady in general. They think they're the mafia and attempt to strong arm customers and employees/

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